Restoration Assurance Program

A new way to solve an old problem

Changing backup software? Moving your backups to disk or the cloud? Consolidating data centers? Making or made an acquisition?

Watch the video on the below to see how Restoration Assurance Program can help you.


Offload your legacy data with peace of mind

  • Guaranteed restoration capability of managed media (future proofing)
  • Fully managed Knowledge Base including backup catalogues/indexes/all targeting information available
  • Fully defensible restoration process
  • SLA on restoration and delivery of requested data
  • Dedicated project management
  • Pre-established workflow for request process
  • Documented reports and project history
  • Turns retrieval into a repeatable process

Real Assurance

At TDS, we work with our clients to assure them that their data is secured and accessible. Restoration Assurance Program is a subscription-based service that provides the peace of mind that backup tapes can be restored in the future without the challenges of maintaining legacy hardware and software.


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Restoration Assurance Program
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Restoration Assurance Program
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Restoration Assurance Program
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